Welcome to the Sexton Industries Development Sandbox site.

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This development sandbox will be used to explore and experiment on the 4GH Go Daddy hosting platform, and to temporarily host sites while in pre-production, or the proof of concept stages of development projects.

The NEWEST technology being tested is BLOGGING.

I have set up a blog, using Google's BLOGGER system.  Google's system, is BOTH software to easily turn posts into a blog, and a hosting service. You are expected to direct your users to their hosted servers, and they are meant to interact with your data on the Google servers.
A nice system, to be sure... but sub optimal.

I also want the SEO benefits of updated dynamic content on my website, without having to host the blog, or write software to edit/add posts.
I want people to read my blog posts, without forcing them to leave MY WEBSITE.

The goal sounds simple enough and if you are willing to be stuck in one single system, it is. If you use Google's Blogger, and build your website in Google Pages, well the connection is just about automatic.

If you use Go Daddy's Quick Blog, and build your website on their website software, again... the two are meant to work together. 

Blogging, is a fundamental function in Worpress, so if you have a Wordpress website, adding your own blog is one click away.

But... I don't like limited systems. I don't like technogical walls, I prefer Windows. ;)

So, on the left, I give you an iFrame, that has a live RSS feed, from my blogger account.
PRIMARY GOAL: Use existing site developed in Expression Web, hosted on Go Daddy.
SECONDARY GOAL: Incorporate a blog, using Google's Blooger system.
via an RSS feed to the Go Daddy site.

Primary, and secondary goals achieved!



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