The Idea!

Someone much better schooled in marketing than I once said... "Everything old is new".

Do you remember "Burma Shave Signs"? Back in the days before satellite radio, and mp3 players, there was nothing to do on long car trips across the country. But car travel was becoming VERY popular in a society that was rapidly becoming "car crazy". The Burma Shave company had a new idea. Brushless shave cream. Before that, you took "Shaving mug" and put in a power, or bar of soap, and used a brush to wisk what was in your mug, into a fluffy lather, and then applied it to your face in order to shave.

To learn more about Burma Shave Signs check out  Wikipedia (click and it will take you directly to the article)

Burma Shave's product was a cream that came in a tube like toothpaste. You put a dab on your fingers, added a little water and rubbed your fingers together to work it into a lather, and then applied to your face with your finger tips. Back in the day, this was a game changing idea.

But there were no cost effective forms of mass market advertising available to them to introduce their product. Sound familiar? You might be facing the same dilemma.

They chose to take advantage of the automobile growth, and the restlessness of the soldiers who were freshly back home, and doing a lot of traveling.

They created small messages of just a few words. They painted these messages on small planks of wood and hammered them into the ground along the highways. Drives literally had no choice but to be drawn in to getting the message. There were less than 600 distinct sets of messages. The signs blanketed the highways from 1925 to 1963 and made the new Burma Shave product the second-highest selling brushless shave until sold to Phillip-Morris who completely dropped the ball from a marketing standpoint, and then sold out to the American Razor Company who made matters worse. Just goes to show that big companies can always take a great idea, and run it into the ground.

So... what is the point to all this? Well quite simply, how can we use the simplistic ideas that worked in the past, today on the internet?

Sexton Industries is proud to announce two new web components that you can add to your website to help turn visitors into stays, and then convert them into sales.

The Burma Shave Graphic, is a simple animated .gif file that simply flips from one frame to the next. The same color scheme (black letters on white background actually works well) Keep the message short and sweet. This mechanism is well suited to websites that employ the KISS principle of marketing.

The Burma Shave Video, is a video format, that adds modern technology into the mix. It can have live video, high res graphics, and complicated animation between the frames. It can also have a hard pounding sound track underneath. But the concept remains true to the basic idea. Think of it as a PowerPoint presentation from a 100 year old company that never forgot it's roots.

VIDCOMS, now if none of this sounds like something you want to explore, then just make a VIDCOM.

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